Our Story

T The Hana brand story is born out of passion…passion for quality paralleled with a desire to be unique. Over several years, our team has studied the market competitors, the flavour ranges being offered to Legal Age consumers and consumer desires.

We understand and fully embrace change, and therefore we are in constant communication with our customers, allowing us to innovate and react quickly to market demands.

The Hana Shisha brand is owned by Chelsea Tobacco FZE which is a part of 'MSG Group of Companies'. A composite organisation with its subsidiaries specialising in various sectors, we at Hana feel very comfortable knowing that we have a solid and secure foundation for growth.

With this in mind, our creative teams have designed a proposition that offers the most exquisite flavours, wrapped in elegant packaging, a classic range that has been designed with the more 'free spirited' in mind.

Become a Distributor

T The excellence of the merchandise and the brand familiarity will speak for itself. No matter what is the scale of your venture? Hana Shisha will always sell as the blowing smoke trend has been going strong for decades and it is likely to remain popular.

You do not have to worry about the struggle to survive in this market. Even though you could find plenty of other brand names for sale in stores. The Hana Shisha Products is still tastier, cleaner and much better in quality

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Our flavour ranges have been designed using only the highest quality ingredients. Yes we offer the generic or ‘Popular’ ranges, but we also offer unique flavours such as ‘Cuba Libre’ and ‘Apple Pie’ for example. Here at Hana’s, we understand that our tastes evolve over time, and therefore we have currently developed over 100 different flavour ranges…for now!!

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